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01  /  About us

Fährmann-agentur is a creative studio with many years of experience in digital world and advertising. We really enjoy our work which reflects itself on the results of our work. We stand for quality – our main condition if we should be paid for something. Do not hesitate to contact us and try out our talents.

"Time and tide wait for no man."

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02  /  Services 


There is no limit to what we can create in Photoshop or Illustrator. Design is a main pillar of all services we offer.


From simple video clips to complex video with various 2D and 3D VFX effects... we can do it all.


Represent your brand online. It’s neither easy nor cheap, but definitely worth it.. Especially with our marketing experts.


Change the way your customers run accross your brand online. Let them find everything they need with just a few clicks thanks to the cool design.


There are sooo many apps nowadays, but none of them will be as good as yours. Whether we talk about app design or its functionality.


Let’s walk together through the world of modern technologies. We’ll help you find the right solution and beat your market competition.


Why working with us?

Our agency is dedicated to work according to the latest standards and follows all modern trends in the world of digital. We approach our work humanely, always original, uniquely created for your brand. As we provide a variety of services, you do not need to look for a supplier for each area separately. Our client list includes top companies in Europe so you don't have to worry about quality. We are happy to meet you in person, whether at our headquarters or anywhere else, in order to discuss each important step.

03  /  Our projects


Creating unique videos for our clients necessitates a professional approach and technique. However, behind the scenes, we experience a delightful time filled with laughter and eager anticipation of the final result.

Witness a behind-the-scenes short that provides a glimpse into the process of shooting a professional 4K video.

Fährmann-agentur OnePos business cards

OnePos is a company that offers various payment solutions for its clients, which is why they are using payment cards as their signature. When creating the branding for this company, we decided to choose a completely different way than usual and created their business cards in the form of payment cards. We also took care of their online business in the form of a website and online campaigns.



We have created a few HR applications and SLife application is one of them.
Main purpose of these apps is to help HR managers connect with their employees. Thanks to this, they are able to send them important info such as benefits, lunch menus, company events or company policies. Also, employees can easily report any safety issues in the company with just a few clicks. Each app is custom made so it’s just up to our clients to find out what works best for them. 


VIPO's Innovations in 4K video production

Step into the realm of innovation with our latest collaboration alongside VIPO, a trailblazing research and development powerhouse in engineering and chemistry. Together, we've unleashed the power of 4K video production to unveil VIPO's cutting-edge innovations in breathtaking detail. Join us on a journey through groundbreaking technology and visionary solutions as we showcase the future of industry in stunning clarity and captivating storytelling.



Our clients asked us: “What is the best way to capture your new product?” Well, nowadays definitely a video. It doesn’t even have to be long yet still it can say a lot. It can be used on most platforms - social media, online marketing, conference presentations. So we have created another luxury product video.

SKB Group

Video with a warm message and a business speech

Around the new year, one of our clients approached us to help them deliver a couple of messages to their employees. A few days later we were working on 2 videos at the same time. We've created one video as a business speech to celebrate a year of success in the company. The second one was a warm message for the clients and employees where Mr. Tremmel, CEO of the SKB company, wishes them the best for the New Year.

Fahrmann eurobanknotes website
Hungarian Euro Banknotes

Eurobanknotes is a project we've been working on for a few years already. It started just as a simple marketing job offer to support tourism in Hungary. Over time we've created various designs for the banknotes, helped with e-shop development and sale promotion; created different marketing strategies and helped organize successful events. 

Fährman-agentur andaco fermented cabbage packaging

Changing a design of a product that has already been on the market for several years can be risky. Therefore, whenever a company approaches us with such request, we try to make changes as efficiently as possible in order to maintain confidence in the product in current customers and to acquire new ones.

Fährman-agentur Luxuyr people website eshop
Luxury people

Some time ago we created an e-shop which presents unique luxury items from global brands. As this e-shop is available in several countries, we had to adapt its functionality for each country separately. We had to make sure that customers have a choice of convenient payment methods, shipping and have someone to rely on in case they have any questions. On top of this, we also took care of communication, management and advertising on multiple social platforms.

Fährmann new packaging Big Bean Coffee masters
Big Bean Coffee Masters

As a design studio, we always strive to be available to our customers - even on weekends and holidays. That's why we were delighted to create a brand design for a type of a drink that, from time to time, keeps us alive. We have been asked by our client to create company branding and packaging for their coffee products. We didn't hesitate even for a moment, got ourselves into work and created packaging with a luxurious feeling.

Fährmann agentur bathtub 3D rendering
3D Design Interior

Some of our clients occasionally need to set up their products in a real-world environment. This helps them sell the product to subcontractors or customers in the shops. One of such assignments of ours was to create a 3D render of a bathtub in a real environment, as it wasn't possible for our client to demonstrate this product in their product magazines.

Fährmann-agnetur mobile app revisio
Revisio app

Development of mobile apps is definitely a challenge that we happily take on at any time. One of these challenges is the Revisio app that has been created in order to help in retail sales. We're responsible for the entire app development - from creating a suitable strategy through analyzing and planning functionalities, UX/UI design to building and testing it live.

Fährmann-agentur Business drive Masam
Massam business driver

Visual perception demonstrates impressions better than words, or at least offers a better idea of what you're getting into. And that's why we help our clients visualize their ideas, their workflows, or their business packages. They can present their ideas and offers in a special way when they meet with their clients.

Fährmann 3Dvisual
Product design in 3D

We collaborated with one of our German clients, company ANG, and created a design for their smart device. Their request was to create a modern looking design that would be easy to use. We designed it in both 2D and 3D formats for better visualization.

NG product cataloque
ng aviation

Client approached us with a simple request - make good branding for us. And this is how our work started. We were able to create a complete branding manual with logo, fonts, colors within a few days.. basically everything that a good company needs. They are now proudly showing off their new identity on custom-made catalogs, business cards, websites, and on their stand in Dubai.

Fährmann-agentur euro app
Eurosouvenirs App

After launching a fully functional e-shop and creating successful marketing strategies, we decided to enrich the world of zero euro banknotes even more.The app was created for collectors to make it easier for them to access information from the world of banknotes and to offer them a space where they can keep track of banknotes which are still missing in their collection.

Fährmann-agentur New Green RollUp redizajn

NewGreen is a company that strives to bring greener solutions to the automotive industry. Its products are innovative and that's why we've tried to steer its branding in that direction. Our final design package included possible solutions for branding, website, company products and print graphics.

Fährmann-agentur Guau coffee packaging design

Using a tropical motiv for coffee packaging is not a standard way designers tend to use. However, we chose such an extraordinary design for the Guau brand. The reason behind this was that the brand offers several products originating from tropical Colombia. That's why we brought them all together thanks to interesting design reflecting their origins.

Fährmann-agentur George tea
George Science

George Science is a company focused on making chemistry and science education more exciting for children. They learn about science, chemistry, computer science and engineering in a fun and playful way through a variety of workshops and events. It has been an honour for us to design the original packaging for their BIO tea.

Fährmann-agentur Veretco wine bottle design

It is common for some companies to take care of their clients not only by providing quality service, but also by surprising them with gifts. One of our clients asked us to help them produce a gift so we created a unique wine variety called Chateau de Verteco, which pleases not only by its taste but also by its luxurious design. We are honored to have been behind the creation of this product.

K2 Kittsee Fachmarkt 3D rendering images of mall

It is not happening daily that our studio gets requests to create 3D visuals for a shopping center. This project was a big challenge for us but we managed it with a smile on our faces. And what about final results? Detailed 3D images of a mall and amazing event video from the grand opening.


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